The Moroccan Organization of Volunteer and Education

Age :

Till what Age can i still participate?

Age of participation starts from 18 years old till 44, sometimes more and sometimes less depends of the participant, and volunteer those are less than 18 years old should make sure they can travel alone in Morocco and they are only allowed to participate in painting projects.

Work camp:

What is work method?

Participants work four hours a day, from Monday till Friday and the rest is free time witch some activities are possible.

Food :

What do we eat?

Three meals are provided everyday during the work camp taking in consideration vegetarian participants.

Travel :

What about traveling in Morocco?

Traveling in Morocco is safe and easy; many public transports are available witch you can use usually to arrive to the work camp, once your participation is confirmed we will provide you more information. If you have more questions do not hesitate to contact us we will provide you all information you need.

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