Participation fees:

For every MOOVE project above, there are participation fees according to the project wanted by the volunteer to cover expenses like ( Food, accommodation, materials for work and other activities organized by our NGO). On the other hand, volunteers have to pay their transportation to and from the camp by themselves


The first day of the project is arrival day to the camp site, the last day of the project is the departure day from the camp site If you cannot participate during all the period of the project, please let us know.


The volunteers will live in a public school or a house, this community life is an advantage to discover the other cultures of the volunteers of various countries and will facilitate the preparation for the projects. School will be prepared with all needed facility such as, restaurant, showers, cooking facilities, fridges, etc. Food will be prepared by a Moroccan cooker and served trough 3 meals a day. However volunteers will take care of cleaning (Dishes, showers, rooms) by groups.

Introduction days:

In the first 3 days (introdays), many activities are organized for the volunteers, to make them familiar to the City, task, Culture, etc.

Traveling in Morocco:

Is very regarding to facilitate your transportation until the location of the project, we can arrange you a pick up depend on your needs. you also can travel easily alone by bus, traveling alone in Morocco is safe and easy, we will send you detailed document to help you travel alone after you have completed your participation procedure.

Arabic/Cultural courses:

MOOVE also offers you the opportunity to learn Arabic. We have hired a professional teacher to teach you the basic of local Arabic (Darija) and to discuss with you the Moroccan culture, history and habits. NB: Arabic/cultural courses will cost you about 30 euros for the duration of the project.

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